Mechanism of synchronization of the JetBrains IDEs settings

If you ever worked with JetBrains IDEs from different computers, you could face a problem that you had to specify anew the IDE settings (combinations of keys, syntax illumination, appearance, plug-ins and other settings).

Still this problem was partially solved by the built-in plug-in of Settings Repository. In order that, the plug-in synchronized settings, it is necessary to create independently Git a repository (on GitHub or other service) and to specify it in IDE.

Obvious minus of this approach is need to potter independently with Git a repository. Not to mention that, in case of use of a public repository, your settings can be available to other users.

To make process of synchronization of settings more convenient and safe, we develop the new mechanism which partially leans on Settings Repository, however uses for storage of settings a repository on the party of JetBrains. Access to this repository is provided by means of JetBrains Account (JBA).

Except more convenient way of storage, the new mechanism allows to synchronize not only settings, but also the installed plug-ins.

What is JetBrains IDEs Account

JetBrains Account can be used for management of licenses, access to forums, blogs of JetBrains and a repository of plug-ins. In more detail about that as JetBrains Account works it is possible to learn here.

Access to a plug-in

The new plug-in is called IDE Settings Sync and is compatible starting with version 2017.2.1. Considering an early stage of readiness of a plug-in, access to it can be got only by invitations so far.

If you already have an invitation, you can invite your colleagues and friends through a form on the website JetBrains Account.

If you have no invitation, you can ask it having sent the letter to At the same time, the letter has to be sent from the mailbox tied to your JetBrains Account.

If you have no JetBrains Account, it can be created easily on the website JetBrains Account. During JetBrains Account creation, we recommend to specify the same mailbox which is specified in data of your bought licenses.

Restrictions of a plug-in at the moment

The plug-in is available only to paid products (IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, PhpStorm, PyCharm, CLion, RubyMine, Rider, etc.)
The plug-in does not work together with License Server yet (we work on it).

That the plug-in earned, it is necessary

1. To receive the letter with the invitation

jetbrains ides

2. To install a plug-in

3. To become authorized in IDE (or Toolbox App) by means of JetBrains Account

4. To include synchronization

5. To send the invitation to the good friend


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