The Upsource 2017.2 updating with support of external inspections of a code, Python, NPM and many other

The Upsource 2017.2 updating became available! In this release we added a number of the most often required opportunities, and, as usual, improved already available functionality. Let’s look what got to this release.

Support of external inspections of a code

If you use the inspections of a code which are built in TeamCity on the basis of ReSharper or IntelliJ IDEA, or use inspections of SonarQube, now you will be able to derive additional benefit from them. Upsource 2017.2 is able to show results of such analysis in the UI, along with results of the built-in inspections. Reviewing of a code becomes a little simpler if at once it is visible what new potential problems were introduced by this change.

upsource 2017.2

Python support

Navigation by a code and the static analysis, similar that are already available for Java, JavaScript, PHP and Kotlin became available also to Python of projects. This functionality helps to understand better changes in the project and to understand what potential problems could creep in these changes or as it is possible to improve quality of a code still.

upsource 2017.2 (1)


Quite often discussions come that in the developed answer there is no need, and it is necessary to react to the comment after all somehow. In order that you could save time to yourself and others in such situations, we added a small set of reactions.

GitLab support

We are glad to report that now you can create code review for GitLab merge requests in Upsource.

NPM support

We improved “Go to declaration” and “Find usages” for JavaScript of a code. Now Upsource establishes the dependences listed in package.json.

The hint during Code Review creation

Using the statistical analysis, Upsource is capable to prompt now to what code review new change belongs.

Few game elements

To diversify a routine and to make acquaintance with a product a little more entertaining, we added system of achivka. At this stage, their set is limited, but it only the beginning!

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