Now Kotlin is officially available to Android

Kotlin gives to developers of Android-applications the chance to use the powerful modern language in which code turns out more compact and reliable, reducing probability of fall of appendices at users. Kotlin is simple in development and is perfectly combined with Java that allows to introduce gradually it in the existing projects, without losing the accumulated experience, skills and technologies.

The plug-in for Kotlin support enters now delivery of Android Studio 3.0 so developers do not need to put additional plug-ins or to worry about compatibility. JetBrains and Google also undertake the obligation to support development on Kotlin and in the future, in process of development of an Android-platform.

At the same time other platforms which support Kotlin (Kotlin/JVM for development of server and desktop applications, Kotlin/JS for the browser and Kotlin/Native for native development) remain not less important for JetBrains. Our vision is in creating the uniform tool allowing to develop all components of the modern appendix in the same language irrespective of on what platform these components are started. It includes both full-stack of a web application, and mobile clients under Android and iOS, and the built-in IoT platforms, and another.

As well as with human languages, for a programming language it is very useful to be popular. Official support from Android will lead to growth of number of programmers on Kotlin, and it means that more libraries and tools will be developed for Kotlin, it is more than training materials, it will be simpler to find solutions for possible problems or to get a job the programmer on Kotlin. We are very glad to new prospects which it opens for Kotlin ecosystem!

We made the decision on creating around Kotlin non-profit partnership together with Google. At the same time development of language will also be made further by JetBrains forces, and the Kotlin team (at the moment more than 40 people) will work as before. Andrey Breslav remains the leading designer of language, and the principles by which we are guided in development, do not change in any way. Our design will still be open because feedback from community is necessary for us to develop Kotlin in a right direction.

On May 19, 2017 at 20:30 Moscow time you will be able to look at live broadcast of the report with Google I/O about Kotlin which will be done by Andrey Breslav and Hadi Hariri, the leading evangelist of JetBrains. And in November at Kotlin own conference which will take place in the city of San Francisco will take place.

Many thanks!

When Kotlin began the way more than 6 years ago, we set to ourselves the object to create the language focused on the same principles, as other our tools — to help developers with a routine part of work, allowing them to concentrate on what is really important. Programming has to be pleasant and fascinating occupation!

We are extremely grateful to Google and Android-team for that trust which they put in us, but first of all we are grateful to you — our community, our users. Without you Kotlin could not reach what it reached today. Thank you that you were with us on this way, and we hope to see you with us further.

Frequent questions

We prepared answers to some questions which can appear at you in this regard the announcement. If your question is not in the list, we will be glad to answer it in comments. If you are not really familiar with Kotlin, you can find key information in FAQ on our website.

Whether Kotlin will be focused first of all on Android?

One of the main of Kotlin purposes, both now, and in the future is a support of various platforms. We continue to develop Kotlin/JVM (for server, desktop and other applications for Java platform) and Kotlin/JS. For other platforms, such as macOS, iOS and built in / IoT of system, we conduct work on Kotlin/Native.

How it will affect the release cycle Kotlin?

As before, Kotlin will have the release cycle which is not tied to releases of Android or Android Studio. Projects remain completely independent. Of course, we will closely cooperate with developers from Google that Kotlin always remained compatible to Android Studio and other Android-developments tools.

Who will develop a plug-in for Android Studio?

As before, JetBrains will be responsible for development of a plug-in for Android Studio. We plan to cooperate with the Android Studio team densely.

Whether it will influence support of Kotlin in IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse or NetBeans?

No. Kotlin is a multiplatform language, and we will invest in support of various IDE as well as earlier. Our main efforts are concentrated on a plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA, and we will be glad to the help of community in work on plug-ins under Eclipse and NetBeans.

Whether it will influence support of macOS and iOS?

No. We plan to support both of these platforms in Kotlin/Native, and this plan does not change in any way.

Whether Google is going to buy JetBrains?

No. JetBrains does not plan to be on sale any other company. We were and we remain the independent producer of tools for all developers irrespective of in what language and under what platform they program.

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